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3D printed records

19 September 2012

3D printed records

Do you remember that plastic mini record player you had as a kid? Made by Fisher Price in the 1970s? The one with the coloured disks that you could pop on the turn table in order to hear your favourite tune played one note at a time? That's the one!

Well those record players have now been given a new lease of life. Someone has created the software that will allow you to turn your favourite songs into tiny plastic records. If you have a 3D printer.

The music software picks out the relevant notes for a simplified version of the song and works out what pin points need to be on a record for the player to pick up.

The programme, created by Fred27, is free to download (unfortunately the printer will set you back about two grand).

3D printing was chosen as the best way to create these disks. The idea is that anyone can download the software and turn their favourite song into a tiny plastic record - if they have the printer with which to do so.

So get digging around in your attic and see if you can find your old Fisher-Price Music Box Record Player!

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