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Kid makes fully-functioning printer out of Lego

06 March 2012

Kids today, eh?


Called the PriNXT, it's the brainchild of 14-year-old New Yorker Leon Overweel and while it's not the first printer to be made of Lego, we still think it's a pretty impressive feat.


The machine uses three motors to control the motion of a felt-tip pen. Two of the motors control the pen along the X and Y axes and the third lifts and lowers it from the page. It also uses two touch sensors, a light sensor and a colour sensor. The light sensor is used to assist the vertical motion of the pen.

 On his blog Leon wrote: "It took a bit longer than expected (I've been tinkering around with some final upgrades and fine tuning for the past few days), but now, at last, it's working!" However, don't expect the PriNXT to deliver super-fast prints and high quality copy. Leon says it takes more than three hours to get a decent-sized image, and the resolution is low.

 Still – pretty good, huh? There's some photos of the nifty looking device over at Gizmag  - take a look-see. Oh – and this isn't the first contraption Leon has built using Lego – the other week he built a Lego car that can be controlled by Skype. Like we said, kids today...

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