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Kodak to launch in-store book printers

24 September 2012

Kodak to launch in-store book printers

Ever wanted to print your photobook? What about your own novel? Well, give it a year and you will be able to do just that in your local camera retailer/print store.

OnDemand Books unveiled its kiosk-based technology, the Espresso Book Machine, a few years ago. This machine allows users to print their own book, hardback cover and everything, in their local book shop. The Espresso Book Machine can also download almost any rare book (for a fee) and print it in-store, removing the time and cost it takes a book to ship.

Now, Eastman Kodak Company and ReaderLink have announced their partnership with OnDemand to put the kiosks in retail locations, via integration with Kodak’s 105,000 user-based photo printing machines.

Laura Quatela, president of Kodak, commented: "Our partnership with OnDemand Books delivers exciting new capabilities to consumers and retailers, and is a great example of Kodak’s focus on bringing innovation to market.

"Consumers will enjoy getting from our valued retail partners immediate delivery of a whole new offering of high-quality photo books as well as a broad library of book titles. In addition, our retail partners will have new avenues for increased revenue as they expand their photo book sales in-store and deliver a massive list of book titles to their customers instantly."

Working with Kodak will not only see the technology behind the Espresso Book Machine become much more widespread, but for the first time, users of these in-store printing machines will be able to print in full colour.

This latest collaboration will increase the number of self-published books produced and create a number of job opportunities. OnDemand will train a dedicated staffer to operate the book machines at the kiosks and other retail locations.

Although Kodak is rolling out this technology in the US first – hopefully by the end of the year – they do have an international rollout planned for 2013.

Dane Neller, CEO of OnDemand Books, stated that this collaboration could "substantially redefine the publishing industry".

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