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Lunch time trends

30 July 2012
Lunch time trends

A recent report from a print firm (no, not actually us) has shed some light on our lunch breaks.

Whilst the majority of us are entitled to a full hour for lunch, it has been discovered that the average employee actual spends just 30 minutes and 25 seconds over lunch and one in ten people take less than ten minutes!

Almost half (48 per cent) of the 1,500 people surveyed said that they felt under pressure from their boss not to use their entire allocated 60 minutes.

A third (34.4 percent) of people said they that eat their lunch at their desk every day. Another survey, conducted by Aston University, found that those people who work through their lunch break are actually working for an extra 128 hours every year - that's 16 eight hour work days!

So what are people doing on their lunch breaks? Online shopping, checking social networking sites activities and phoning the other half were the top three ways people spend their time. (We’re not sure why eating something isn’t up there to be honest).

Five per cent of us head to the gym on our lunch break (well done to you!) whilst nearly a quarter (23 per cent) of under 35s admitted to going to the pub on their lunch hour. In Gloucester, this statistic rises to 21.43 per cent of employees heading to their local, regardless of their age!

Most popular lunchtime activities

  1. Shop online 34%
  2. Update Facebook 17%
  3. Phone other half 17%
  4. Catch up on showbiz news 9%
  5. Gossip about colleagues 7%
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