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Own your own 3D printer

10 September 2012

Own your own 3D printer

The majority of 3D printers that you could actually fit in your home are around $10,000 (that's about £6,500 to you and me). And that's for a cheap one. A 3D printer that can print you super exciting stuff can set you back around £30,000. Ouch.

This new technology is making headlines all the time. Printed houses, cars and even meat (oh don't you worry, we will tell you all about that in good time) are all over the headlines.

Well we have good news for our fellow printing fanatics who are desperate to get their hands on a 3D printer and have ago themselves. And it will only set you back around £800.

Cubify has released their 3D printer, aptly named Cube. This square printer stands at just 34 cm tall and weighs in at 4.3 kg.

The printer uses proprietary ABS plastic as 'ink' to print designs up to 5.5" by 5.5" by 5.5".

So what can you actually print with this (almost) affordable printer? Pretty much anything you like.

The Cube comes with 25 different designs pre-installed on the software which include buttons, bracelets and shoes! The printer ships with easy-to-use software which means you can design your own 3D printer items. The size of the printer somewhat limits what you can print, but aside from that, the world is your creative oyster.

Cubify's Cube is completely wireless and the actual printing process is relatively simple. Using the software, you can select a design (or create your own) and then you just have to press print. Just like a regular printer and a Word document. Although you could play with, drink out of or wear whatever you print out of this machine.

Unless you are pretty creative, designing your own product to print looks a little tricky. Once again, Cubify have a solution- let them design it for you. Their website also has an online store where you can order designs that can be sent directly to your PC for you to print out.

Whilst the printer itself is relatively cheap (compared to the ones that print metal etc), replacement cartridges come in at about £30 each. The printer does come with one cartridge but it is luminous green so buying a few more is probably a good plan.

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